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DataOps solutions for accelerating, securing and governing the data delivery pipeline. By reducing the time and effort required to discover, understand, prepare and deliver fit-for-use data, this data empowerment solution strengthens the effectiveness and efficiency of data pipelines. In turn, enterprises with DataOps processes glean more accurate and timely data-driven insights, and foster the trust in data required for informed decision-making.


From a time when they didn’t have enough data, businesses are now contending with too much data in multiple locations and across disparate platforms. They’re facing uncertainty around data accuracy and whether it can be trusted for key decisions. Adopting a DataOps culture and process automation helps put discipline and structure around the data delivery pipeline and build confidence in data quality. DataOps solutions from Quest include automation tools for data governance, metadata management, data movement, data modeling and preparation, and integrated data and infrastructure monitoring.

Empower your data delivery pipeline

Quest’s DataOps solutions enable organizations to govern, provision and manage their data to extract more value from it. It leverages the power of the Quest Data Empowerment portfolio to improve access to, and trust in data for enhanced business agility and competitiveness.
Govern access to and use of data

Govern access to and use of data

Lack of visibility into the movement, transformation and consumption of data leads to a host of issues around security, compliance and access to data stores. It can also lead to doubt as to the veracity and accuracy of the data used for business analytics. Quest DataOps tools help establish a data governance framework for policies and practices around data access and usage, while also making it easier for stakeholders to locate and understand data.

  • Automatically harvest and curate metadata to better understand where data is and tag it to make it easier to find and understand relevant data.
  • Enable data teams to model the technical details of data assets, including schema, data types, valid values, constraints and more.
  • Promote self-service data discovery and stakeholder collaboration around data quality.
Speed data provisioning through replication

Speed data provisioning through replication

Multiple data siloes make it difficult to pull consistent data from across platforms for consumption by analytics and machine-learning models and applications. Disparities in data quality and characteristics further complicate the effort to create usable data sets. Quest tools make it possible to replicate, query, blend and curate data from across platforms into curated and fit-for-use data sets, while ensuring high availability, disaster recovery and workload distribution.

  • Use a single solution with cross-DBMS connectivity to speed data preparation and securely share and reuse curated data.
  • Accurately move and replicate data and workloads across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, and reduce the impact of reporting and analytics on transactional platforms.
  • Document and model data movement processes to reduce data pipeline development cycles, increase accuracy and literacy, and build trust in data.
Manage data movement and workload performance

Manage data movement and workload performance

Manual processes across the data delivery pipeline prevent developers from focusing on the schema, objects and code needed for sophisticated data analytics. From database testing and code reviews to clearing performance bottlenecks, Quest solutions help monitor and diagnose database and workload issues across complex environments and multiple platforms.

  • Automate the processes involved with code development, testing and deployment while ensuring schema changes are reconciled with business process flows via the metadata repository.
  • Monitor and diagnose workload performance changes at different stages of the pipeline and get detailed recommendations for optimizing queries.
  • Perform continuous workload performance testing and benchmarking to ensure future scalability and anticipate cloud spend.

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