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Solutions for SharePoint customization

Make SharePoint application development simple, fast and reliable

It can be difficult deciding how to customize your SharePoint because native tools are so limited and supporting a completely custom SharePoint environment costs precious time, money and resources. Luckily, Dell Software offers efficient and effective solutions to help with those struggles. We can help you simplify customization for everyone in your SharePoint universe, with tools to help:

  • Maximize your SharePoint ROI using code-free configuration while also slashing customization time and costs by up to 80 percent.
  • Create sophisticated custom solutions that can be easily supported, maintained and upgraded in the future, and that currently meet your business demand.
  • Reduce risk and free IT resources for higher-priority projects by empowering users to safely make their own customizations with confidence.

Solution Overview

Fast customization

Use point-and-click configuration instead of custom code to customize SharePoint solutions up to 80 percent faster. Now you can meet SLAs, accelerate time to delivery and keep users happy.

Streamlined development

Meet your most complex business requirements, from interface enhancements to complete solutions, without needing custom development training or experience.

Cost containment

Rein in customization budget by accelerating SharePoint development cycles in order to save resources, time and money on costly enhancements, while also maximizing your SharePoint investment.

Empowered users

You can empower end users to make their own customizations without risk to the environment, freeing expensive development resources for more value-added projects.