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Norwich University

Pulse on Public Sector Virtualization and Cloud Computing Study

Federal IT officials prefer private or hybrid cloud models over public clouds, many state and local governments are using virtualization to achieve cost efficiencies, and many higher education IT pros see significant benefit in a national cloud for higher education. However, the distinction between virtualization and cloud computing causes some confusion at the organizational level in public sector, security guidelines need to address cloud environments more specifically, and organizations with exit strategies for their cloud presence are rare.

These are some of the findings of the Pulse on Public Sector Virtualization and Cloud Computing Study commissioned by Quest Software Public Sector, Inc., a subsidiary of Quest Software. The survey was conducted by the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Norwich University, the national’s oldest private military college, and a National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence. The study reveals new and significant data on virtualization management, cloud computing attitudes, and barriers and incentives to cloud adoption, as well as on cloud computing’s impact on resource management, mandate compliance, and security standards. If you’re a public sector IT professional, you’ll gain additional insight into today’s virtualization and cloud implementations, and into effective paths forward, by reviewing the comprehensive and sometimes surprising results of this survey.