See why vOptimizer Pro is the only solution that rapidly reclaims wasted space, prevents painful VM outages, and realigns VMs to 64K partition boundaries — all automatically.

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vOptimizer Pro

Reduce Storage Costs by Reclaiming Space and Improve VM I/O Performance With 64K Alignments

Quest vOptimizer Pro is the only product on the market that can reclaim over allocated virtual storage (shrink VMDKs) and perform 64K partition alignments to significantly improve VM I/O performance. vOptimizer Pro reduces the cost, time, and risk of managing virtual storage.

  • Provides visibility of the total amount and value of over-allocated VM storage
  • Reclaims wasted VM storage (shrinking VMDK disk files) for use by other applications and business units
  • Automates the resizing of VMs -- either larger or smaller -- to cut administration time
  • Prevents VM outages due to storage shortages
  • Improves VM I/O performance by up to 15% through 64K partition block alignment


  • Unused Storage Scan - vOptimizer Pro scans vCenter Server/ESX Hosts and individual VMs to locate and total the amount of all unused virtual storage. vOptimizer Pro then presents a total storage savings estimate based on user entered values including storage cost and desired free space. The Unused Space Scan is invaluable in gauging amounts of wasted storage and determining potential savings available by reclaiming this lost space.
  • VM Storage Optimization - Reclaiming VM storage allows IT to utilize storage that has already been purchased, thus preventing or delaying future storage acquistitions. vOptimizer Pro makes it easy to reclaim unused storage in VMs through a single user interface that allows administrators to resize VMs (up or down) based on business rules.
  • Volume Resizing Rules Engine - Regularly adding free space to VMs based on predefined rules prevents painful VM outages due to unavailable storage and minimizes virtual storage waste.
  • Detailed Storage Cost Reporting – VMware and storage administrators gain a clear understanding of virtual storage utilization and associated costs over time. vOptimizer Pro users can quickly detect storage growth trends and spikes and address these issues before they negatively impact their business.
  • VM Partition Alignment - Proper 64K alignment is fundamental for optimal VM data transmision and minimum I/O device latency . vOptimizer Pro uses a patent pending process to align VM OS partitions to 64K offsets ensuring the best possible performance for your VMware software and storage investments. Users can realign volumes one at a time, or schedule multiple simultaneous 64K alignments to occur at non-peak times, maximizing flexibility.
  • Risk Mitigation - Automatically backup and restore VMs if optimizations fail.



Wasted Space Summary

Wasted Space Summary

vOptimizer Pro can scan entire VMware virtual infrastructures in minutes, summarize the total amount of over allocated storage, and then provide actual savings estimates of reclaiming this space.

VM Storage Utilization Report # 1

VM Storage Utilization Report # 1

vOptimizer Pro quickly locates and reports on VMs wasting the most storage. Easy-to-read graphical reports detail both storage utilization and storage cost estimates as well.

VM Storage Utilization Report #2

VM Storage Utilization Report #2

Report shows space utilization before and after a vOptimizer Pro space reclamation job was performed. Notice that storage savings estimates are included as well.