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Quest Authentication Services

Maximum Compliance and Security for Unix, Linux, and Mac through AD

Most organizations with complex, heterogeneous environments face the security and compliance challenges that naturally come with multiple, disparate identities and inconsistent authentication mechanisms. Quest Authentication Services' (formerly Vintela Authentication Services)  patented technology helps overcome these challenges by providing access control, segregation of duties, consistent password policy, and an alternative to NIS that leverages an existing investment in the already-complaint Active Directory infrastructure for Unix, Linux, and Mac systems and applications.

Active Directory Password Policy Support – Automatically enforce password complexity, expiration, and history rules on Unix, Linux, and Mac since Active Directory is the authentication server.Active Directory Strong Encryption Support – Leverage Active Directory Strong Encryption.
Access Control - Implement a per-user granular level of access control on non-Windows systems through the “User Workstation” attribute, which is honored, allowing a given user’s access to be restricted to a fixed lists of hosts specified in Active Directory.Secure LDAP without SSL – Eliminate the need to configure Active Directory to support SSL and distributing SSL certificates to Unix and Linux systems., as all LDAP communication with Active Directory is secured using Kerberos.
Two-factor Authentication Support – Leverage strong authentication for Unix, Linux, and Mac through Quest Defender, included with every installation of Authentication Services for the entire range of Authentication Services-supported platforms. Extend Windows-based smart cards, as well as RSA, and Verisign OTP.Host Access Control – Make Active Directory completely authoritative for access to Unix/Linux/Mac systems, including fine-grained delegation of administrative control for access policy as well as consistency between Windows and Unix/Linux.
Audit, Alerting, and Change Tracking Gather the vital data auditors demand.  Authentication Services delivers the ability to audit, alert, and show detailed change history of Unix-centric information being managed by Active Directory.Centralized Access Control – Configure access rules to determine what users can access on the Unix, Linux, and Mac machines and the individual services running on those systems. These rules can be centrally managed through AD.
Configuration Management – Achieve granular control over the users.allow and users.deny configurations, account overrides and configuration files of Authentication Services itself.Commands and Tools – Manage and monitor the environment  through a powerful set of tools and commands that including troubleshooting, determining which domain controllers a Unix client can connect to, retrieving and viewing AD password policy for Unix systems, viewing current access control settings on a Unix system, and troubleshooting whether a specific user has access to a Unix system.
*This product includes software developed by SAP AG
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