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100% Java Components for Both Standard and Enterprise Applications

JClass helps you build Java standard and enterprise applications quickly and easily, offering Java and web developers world-class versions of the components required by many internal and customer-facing applications, such as charts, tables, reporting and printing.


JClass ServerViews offers a suite of fully-customizable, 100% Java components to create rich user interfaces for your server-side Java applications. JClass ServerViews comprises three sets of components, bringing professional, dynamic charts, gauges, PDF and RTF documents to the browsers of an entire network of users:

  • ServerChart – Offers advanced, interactive chart components including bar, plot, radar, polar and financial charts
  • ServerGauge – Offers a variety of gauge components, including a simple graph component
  • ServerReport – Enables you to add paginated, formatted, flowed-text and image output to Java applications and generate both PDF and RTF documents on-the-fly


JClass DesktopViews offers a collection of fully-customizable, 100% Java components that provide the functionality required to build client-side applications with rich interface requirements. JClass DesktopViews comprises six sets of components, bringing professional, dynamic charts, tables, gauges and more to the desktops of your users: