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Storage Maximizer for SharePoint

Tiered SharePoint storage with remote blob storage

With Storage Maximizer for SharePoint, you’ll be able to optimize SharePoint performance and relieve the stress SharePoint data places on your SQL Server by storing the data more efficiently. Storage Maximizer enables you to automate the movement of selected SharePoint data to the locations you trust through SharePoint RBS (remote blob storage) or EBS (external blob storage).

  • Optimize SharePoint performance
  • Save on storage costs while storing data more efficiently
  • Speed up SharePoint migrations


  • Maximized performance with rich rules – Reduce end user complaints about SharePoint performance by externalizing the content that slows your system. Storage Maximizer for SharePoint enables you to externalize the data you choose based on any metadata criteria, including custom columns. Move data from SQL Server to more efficient storage, such as file shares and network attached devices, while keeping it accessible to your end users via SharePoint.
  • Automatic scaling with tiered storage – Decrease your dependency on SQL Server while automatically scaling SharePoint to meet your business requirements rather than shrinking your business to fit within SharePoint. You’ll be able to achieve increased cost savings over time by automatically externalizing the data that weighs down SQL Server to more efficient and lower-cost storage options throughout the lifecycle of the document.
  • Simplified management – Spend less time learning a new SharePoint tool and more time meeting your users’ storage and performance needs. Storage Maximizer’s management and reporting dashboard is integrated with SharePoint Central Administration, providing a familiar user interface to manage storage externalization rules; track the internal and external locations of your data; and calculate and view the amount of data externalized, encrypted and compressed.
  • Enhanced security – Encrypt externalized SharePoint data so that only those with permission have access with a single click.
  • Recovery protection – Realize the benefits of externalizing your SharePoint data without complicating data protection or jeopardizing your recovery time objectives. If data becomes lost or accidentally deleted, whether externalized or not, you can use Recovery Manager for SharePoint to restore the data back to its original location, including automating the steps required for externalization restores.