Simplify VDI and Microsoft Terminal Server management

With vWorkspace™, you can deploy a blended model of VDI, Microsoft Terminal Server (TS/RDSH) and application virtualization. Pair the appropriate technologies to users based on their unique needs, while keeping the average cost per virtual desktop to a minimum.

Load balancing and integrated user-experience monitoring help to ensure the best desktop virtualization performance for all of your users—regardless of endpoint device or platform.  Also take advantage of vWorkspace Hyper-V Catalyst Components for significant storage savings and fast provisioning.


vWorkspace makes desktop virtualization affordable, flexible, easy to manage, as well as achievable, for your organization:

  • Enable BYOD by using any device in vWorkspace with connectors for iOS (iPad / iPhone), Android, Mac, Linux, Java.
  • Blend virtual desktop and application technology for lowest cost; mix and match hosted VDI, local/offline VDI, Terminal Server/RD Session Host, and application virtualization
  • Deploy virtual desktop environments of any size in minutes—and add capacity in seconds—with Desktop Clouds
  • Maintain peak performance of virtual desktops with advanced load-balancing schemes
  • Gain breakthrough scalability improvements right out of the box
  • Eliminate the need for expensive SAN storage by seamlessly using local storage (DAS) instead
  • Minimize the effects of network latency on end users in branch offices, home offices and offshore locations with patent-pending technology
  • Accelerate screen updates, images and multimedia content for an amazing user experience on different connections and devices with our Experience Optimized Protocol (EOP)
  • Choose among a variety of platforms, technologies, storage solutions, protocols, access devices and licensing options
  • Automate virtual desktop management tasks and reduce administration costs as well as simplify the customization of users' desktop environments
  • Enable a quick start-up and smooth continual administration of your virtual desktop infrastructure with wizard-driven installation and configuration, and a library of PowerShell cmdlets in the vWorkspace Community
  • Secure user and administrator access with SSL gateway, delegated administration and optional multi-factor authentication
  • View rich reporting capabilities including administrative actions, desktop state and environment configuration at the push of a button
  • Monitor user experience in real-time with diagnostics and reporting in order to display the most relevant data pertaining to the user experience and other context aware vWorkspace information in a single view.

Learn more about how vWorkspace enables lower-cost desktop virtualization, complete BYOD and a great user experience:


To see vWorkspace capabilities in action, view a variety of brief demos.


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Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 Support

vWorkspace 8.0 provides full support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, allowing you to fully benefit from new functionality in these Windows releases.

Greatly enhanced Hyper-V Catalyst Components

The Hyper-V Catalyst Components have been enhanced in Dell vWorkspace 8.0. HyperCache now has a special mode for RDSH to provide significant IOPS reduction and performance gains, while HyperDeploy’s new storage optimization feature slashes storage requirements.

User Experience Monitoring

A new view in the vWorkspace 8.0 management console enables you to monitor your users’ experience by presenting relevant data pertaining to their experience and other context-aware information in a single view. This information is available for “live sessions” as well as past-user sessions, allowing you to go back in time to view user experience metrics.


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