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GENILINK Speeds Backups, Frees Up Time

We have overcome all our challenges with backup size. We are able to back up our entire VMware infrastructure.

Guillaume MARIE, IT Operations Manager, GENILINK

Massive data growth began to strain GENILINK’s ability to fully protect its critical transportation systems data. A portion of the company’s data could not even be backed up and was left completely unprotected. The company needed a backup and recovery solution that would enable it to protect all its data and help simplify backup reporting.

Read this case study to learn how NetVault Backup enables GENILINK to back up its entire VMware infrastructure and free up significant storage space. Discover how GENILINK has also improved its overall data protection strategy with automated reporting:

  • Immediate admin alerts when issues arise
  • Elimination of manual report analysis
  • More time to focus on strategic initiatives

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