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Datastring Case Study

Businesses need to be up and running as soon as possible. You can backup all day long. It’s the restore that counts.” “Rapid Recovery gives our customers a whole new world of recovery options.

Darragh Canavan, Sales Director, Datastring

With over 50 years of experience, Datastring is able to protect customers’ data with seamless backup and instant recovery on physical, virtual or cloud servers. It is essential for organizations to have access to critical data and the ability to recover it at any instant. Find out how Datastring partnered up with Quest’s affordable and simple to use, Rapid Recovery, to accelerate backups and minimize the possibility of downtime, while delivering unmatched efficiency and productivity.  From day one they were able to:

• Avert data-related disasters
• Recover data onsite or off-site instantly
• Protect systems, apps and data without the tedious administration
• Eliminate costly downtime and ensure zero impact to users
• Provide continuous application-aware snapshots of an entire server environment
• Help fulfill compliance requirements

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