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Migration as a Service

Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS) brings a low-stress, full-service approach to migrations. With MaaS, our migration experts handle your migration from start to finish, letting you focus on your business. For Office 365, Exchange and Notes Migrations, let MaaS make your transformation initiative a success!
Migration as a Service


Exchange Migrations

We have options to migrate your on-premises Exchange mail, users, calendars, public folders and archives to new versions of Exchange or even to Office 365. Our experts can deliver an efficient and successful migration experience.

Notes Migrations

Whether you are migrating to on-premises Exchange or Office 365, our remotely managed or remotely hosted MaaS can migrate your Notes environment to your destination, successfully. We can set up coexistence between the platforms and move your mailboxes, users, content, calendars, resources, archives and more.

Office 365 Migrations

Not only can we move you to Office 365 from Notes or Exchange on-premises, but we can migrate you to new Office 365 tenants. We can even migrate more content to your new destination, for an efficient experience, including Archives, Active Directory, One Drive and SharePoint. And we can provide you with a powerful, customized integration for your AD and Azure AD environments.


Our experts work closely with you to do an effective and beneficial migration. It’s a true partnership, so we work diligently to address any concerns, questions, and needs to make your transformation experience the best it can be.


All migrations are unique. So, we start with thorough discovery and investigation. We make sure that all your objects are handled with care. And we meet all of your migration needs, no matter how complex.


Sit back and relax with Migration-as-a-Service. We’ll complete your migration for you efficiently, with care and professionalism. This frees up your key team members who would be otherwise mired in tedious migration tasks. You will save time and money by relying on Quest’s expertise of more than two decades of service.