Reports with virtual attributes

Hi all!

We have encountered several questions concerning ARS Collector.
Folks are interested if they can compile ARS Reporting Console reports containing virtual
attributes values. Generally speaking, if there is there a possibility
to extend the pre-defined set of attributes that ARS Collector gathers?
Our answer is "Yep! That is possible!".

The following are steps to extend ARS Collector attribute set.
1. Open “edmconfig.mdb” file located at ARS Collector installation folder by DB editor (like MS Access). Note that we will need to modify this file,
so you should consider to uncheck "Read Only" checkbox at file properties dialog before opening it.
2. Locate and open the table named “_PropertyDescription”. Insert a new record with the following fields filled
in accordance with the required attribute: "Property name" ,"Description", "DisplayName". Fill "Pk" field value  (incremental).
Leave "Required", "Collected" and "Saved" fields unchanged.
3. Locate and open the table named “_TypeProp”. Insert the new record describing the required attribute in this way:
"TypeId" field value must correspond to required attribute's object type (open table "_ObjectTypes" for values list).
For example, if the required attribute is related to 'user' object type, "TypeId" filed value must be equal to '5'.
"PropId" must be equal to "Pk" field value, defined at previous step. Leave "Method" field unchanged.

Now, Collector gathers this attribute. You can check this by compiling report 'User with specified properties' with filter, containing this attribute.

[UPD] Report 'ActiveRoles Server / Active Directory Assessment / Users / Miscellaneous Information / Users with specified properties' provides reporting based on two custom user attributes. However, you can extend the attribute set by using ‘Edit Filter’ dialog from Reporting Console menu: ‘Edit –> Filters’. Find screenshot in my post below.