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IsCommandAvailable.vbs function - GetEx method stopped working in 7.2

We are upgrading from 6.9 to 7.2. It seems that our functions in IsCommandAvailable.vbs  is erroring out at 'allowedAttributesEffective = objCommandContext.DirectoryObject.GetEx("allowedAttributesEffective")' command  with error 'Class doesn't support Automation'. I also tried example function from SDK and it also errors out. I tested just  Get method and it works and returns value.

allowedAttributesEffective = objCommandContext.DirectoryObject.GetEx("allowedAttributesEffective") - Throws error  'Class doesn't support Automation'

sDN = ObjCommandContext.DirectoryObject.Get("distinguishedname")  - No issues. returns DN


Note: same script is working on ARS 6.9 without any issues for years.


IIS Version 6.2

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2


I have been struggling with this for last two days so any help is appreciated.