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Improve Dynamic Group calulations


We just upgraded to 7.2 and seem to be having some dynamic group issues.

Object are not getting added to dynamic groups right away as they were in 6.9.

An object will get added instantly when you create the object in ARS but when created in AD directly it will not get added until the next Dynamic Group Updater job.

Is there a way for ARS to calculate the dynamic group conditions upon sync from AD direct?

In the mean time i changed the Dynamic Group Updater to run every 5 hours instead of once a day.

I'm sure this will put a strain on the server.

Thank you, Lu

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  • I suggest following steps:
    1. ARS72 MMC | open AD\YouDynamicGRoup and see Tab shows which ARS Server controls the group
    1.1. note, there might be way1) Dynamic Group and way2) Group Membership AutoProvision Policy to accomplish the same membership logic upon User Provision
    2. (test2) Try to provision new AD user via legacy ARS69 to see will the same your Dynamic Group membership behavior
    3. (test3) in ARS 72 create similar test DG with the same rule as the legacy DG in the question.
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