Active Roles Server Web Interface - How to Implement High Availability?ARS


So, pardon me if this has been asked in a previous post, but how does one go about ensuring high availability for a web interface? I currently have one web interface and one web database, and my business is soon expecting a huge number of users to access the website within a short time span. I was just curious what the best way is to minimize the load on the web interface.  I wasn't sure if it was to create a replicated database, or if it is to create a duplicate website....

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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  • I would recommend to consider HA vs. DR scenarios, though both might overlap. Options vary and can be used together in different combinations. For example...

    (1) SQL Cluster + two ARS01,02 ADmin Servers with IIS websites (http://ARWebAdmin etc.) + LoadBalancer(internal DNS) in front

    (2) SQL Cluster in (1) can be replaced with SQL replication (legacy scenario)

    (3) some customers use VM layer for DR (in case ARS Servers got "lost"). It is more DR than HA.

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