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Subscribable Reports with Parameters and IT Shop

Hi All, 

I've created few reports on Identities in the report designer and now I wanted to publish them in the IT Shop.

I have two questions: 

1. Should reports requested by IT shop item create a subscription automatically?
    Now I have some test requests, and my user has the report assigned via request, but I don't have any subscription = I haven't received any report

2. How can I provide parameters to reports requested via IT Shop?


I'm using version 7.1.



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  • Thanks for the answer.

    Regarding question 1 I've found out this as well while testing. Unfortunately this is not expected behavior in our case. (Especially that reports are hidden in "My Settings", not a best place to put them)
    I would expect that once user requests report in IT Shop he get's a subscription, not a right to subscribe to the report. In my case it also means that all parameters should be provided at the request stage.

    Is there any standard way to automate both creation and removal of report subscription based on IT Shop request?

    In regards to question 2, yes of course it does. I was asking how to pass the parameters during the IT shop request (see above).
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