Identity Manager

Changing mapping key for a user in Quick Connect?

Hi guys,

We use Quick Connect to sync certain attributes from HR to AD. Recently, HR brought up their plans to totally restructure the way we do employee IDs. Unfortunately, that is causing some issues in my tests. Currently, our Quick Connect mapping looks for email to match, OR employeeNumber to match. With our employee numbers changing I am now unable to match users whose have changed (For testing we started with a small subset of users).

From what I can find, I need to unmap the impacted  users. All I can find so far is an "Unmap" button under the Mapping settings, which appears to be an all or nothing option. Will there be any adverse effects of me unmapping all users in AD? I imagine it should be fine, and my subsequent map job would remap everyone and fix the broken users, but I'm a bit concerned it'll somehow break everything.