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Error running attestatino policy:The CancellationTokenSource has been disposed.

Hi all,


I'm implementing a button in the Attestation POlicies Settings that run an attestation policy from the web portal using a customizer method.

But when I try it I get this error: 

An exception has occurred while executing the form method Popup1_Popup1_ControlRef2_Container6_Button3_Method.
One or more errors occurred.
Error during execution of statement: select DefaultReasonAutomation, Description, Ident_AttestationPolicy, IsAutoCloseOldCases, IsInActive, LimitOfOldCases, ReportType, RiskIndex, RiskIndexReduced, SolutionDays, UID_AttestationObject, UID_AttestationPolicy, UID_DialogSchedule, UID_PersonOwner, UID_PWODecisionMethod, WhereClause, WhereClauseAddOn, WhereClauseMeta, XDateInserted, XDateUpdated, XMarkedForDeletion, XObjectKey, XTouched, XUserInserted, XUserUpdated from AttestationPolicy where (AttestationPolicy.UID_AttestationPolicy = '88d54768-2677-4c73-946f-abfe57463ca5')
The CancellationTokenSource has been disposed.
(2017-07-13 16:48:46)
Follow screenshot how  I implemented that
thanks Mik
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