Identity Manager

Interface Identity Manager with a TARGET system (Zscaler) that currently only supports a REST API?

We would like to connect OneIdentity Identity Manager to Zscaler (a Content filter solution for Internet access as SaaS; if you like a cloud-based service).

Zscaler has announced to offer an SCIM 2.0 compliant interface earliest in 2018. Until so far they only provide a REST API ( which supports a.o. (de-)provisioning of user accounts and assigning users to groups and / or departments.

Question is:

How to or best practice to Interface Identity Manager with a target system that currently only supports a REST API?

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this topic.



  • Hi Jörg

    I'd suggest to connect the service based upon custom dialog scripts leveraging the ReST API of ZScaler.
    Another option might be to push everything into powershell scripts and to call them upon the table events.

  • Hi Carsten,

    thanks for quick reply.

    Maybe I am still too much of a newbie with 1IDM, but what are "custom dialog scripts"?
    May I ask you to point me to some helpfulp information about this feature?
    Do you know it is included in the main product?

    Thanks for mentioning the powershell script way, which seems to be feasible, but I was thinking of a slightly more deeper integrated interface; i.e. some generic connector for web services...

  • Hi Jörg

    Yes, DialogScripts are an integral part of 1IM. More information about Dialog Scripts in 1IM can be found here:

    As an recommendation: if you're defining yourself as a newbie to 1IM, do you have someone to guide you the way along your challenge? Otherwise it might be good idea to get in touch with the various integrators running 1IM practices. It's not a self-runner learning 1IM, especially when working on custom connectors. Feel free to reach out, we'd be more than happy to assist you.

    Using dialog scripts you'd create "your" generic connector towards ZScaler. Afaik there is no generic ReST web service connector in sight, although it might be a great feature.