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Hierarchy sync using Sync editor or data importer - 7.1.1

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to create a hierarchy structure when synchronising data from a CSV? We need to create AccProductGroups in a hierarchy, and it can go many levels deep. 

I tried using sync editor but it only creates the first root node (hierarchy sync flag is set on the mapping)

Our CSV schema is something like this


Ident_AccProduct Parent FullPath
Child1 Parent
Child2 Parent
Grandchild Parent\Child1
GrandGrandChild Parent\Child1\GrandChild

We need to create

  • Parent
    • Child1
      • Grandchild
        • GrandGrandChilld
    • Child2





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  • Hi,

    In short, yes but like Data Importer you effectively have to run two imports to get the parent/child relationships.

    One way to do it all in one go is, create a mapping that for AccProductGroups that does everything except populate the parent AccProductGroup value, then create a second mapping with "suitable for updates only" option checked, and have it update the AccProductGroup attribute.

    Configure a workflow to import all product groups as the first step, the second step is update the attribute for the parent UID.
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