Overview task not appearing in Manager

Hi All,

For some reason I cannot view the Overview for specific Objects within the Manager. It was working previously however recently when I double click on a Cost Centre (for example), it immediately opens up the Master data. This made me think I had enabled quick edit mode however I double checked and it was disabled.

The task for the overview seems to be missing

When I double click a department, it immediately shows the overview so it seems to only effect some objects.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated



- Yahya

  • The locations mentioned are valid for version 6.x. They have changed for 7 and 8.

    Version 7.x

    %localappdata%\Dell\One Identity Manager\Cache

    %localappdata%\Dell\One Identity Manager\AssemblyCache

    Version 8

    %localappdata%\One Identity\One Identity Manager\Cache

    %localappdata%\One Identity\One Identity Manager\AssemblyCache

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