Identity Manager

Value Templates:Accessing Local Object Meta Values


 I am struggling to interpret the context of the $[IsLoaded]::Bool$  value within this value template as well as some other logic.  A side note: this value template is attached to ADSAccount.PhysicalDeliverOfficeName.

How I interpret the code:

 1. When this value template is called by an event that is not a "FullSync", and it is not loaded from the database, then assign Person.CCC_HR_Division_Code to the property of this object (ADSAccount.PhysicalDeliveryOfficeName). 

  Question: In the documentation, "IsLoaded" is explained as "this value specified whether the object is loaded from the database."  What does this mean exactly regarding this value script? If the ADSAccount record is new and loaded from an external source?  I understand data may be loaded from an external sources, whether from sync operations or data imports. In this case, would I interpret this as "if this object is loaded in memory due to a data import process"?

2. When this value template is called by an event that is not a "FullSync", and it is loaded from the database, then check if old person division code is not equal to new person division code, and update if statement is true.

 Analysis: If a user makes an update via the IDM Manager, and the change results in a different value, then update ADSAccount.PhysicalDeliverOfficeName for the given object.



If Not CBool(Variables("FULLSYNC")) Then
     If Not $[IsLoaded]:Bool$ Then
          Value = $FK(UID_Person).CCC_HR_Division_Code$
          If $FK(UID_Person).CCC_HR_Division_Code[o]$<>$FK(UID_Person).CCC_HR_Division_Code$ Then
            Value = $FK(UID_Person).CCC_HR_Division_Code$
          End If
     End If
End If