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D1IM 7.1.2 templates are not working when creating an object via script


Since we have migrated our System from 6.1.3 to 7.1.2 we have the problem with some custom sync scripts, because they try to create a new object in the tables UNSAccountB and UNSGroupB. But the creation process fails due to not working template for the column DistinguishedName in both tables.

I have checked the behaviour in the Debugger and in the ObjectBrowser with the same properties. In the Visual Studio Debugger the DN was not build after alle required properties were set and although I have done an ExecuteTemplate. In the ObjectBrowser the template was executed sucessfully after I have entered the first properties  UID_UNSRootB, AccountName and CN (same properties that will be set by the script).

As workaround we also set the DN within the script, but that cannot be the answer!

So, I hope that someone of you can give me the answer how we can fix the problem that templates will also work by creating an object from a script.

Thanks a lot!


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  • Hi Sven,

    if you do not need the containers in your UNSRootB you can change the flag using SQL but be aware the system might change the distinguished name and the canonical name when you change the objects after that change due to the templates or the OnSaving-Script.

    You should test this very carefully.

    You template change seems to work but here again, test this carefully. Especially if the created distinguished names and canonical names are up to your expectations.
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