Identity Manager

New user certification version 8.0

Hi ,

I have customized the new user certification process with approval steps.

In my case where a group of members will create the consultants and they want to check the status, currently consultants line manager can only check.

Am not sure which permission group gives the Object attestation permission or any request number can be generated ?

Or any other sussgestion.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Experts,

    Any update on this would be helpful. Thanks

    A particular group or individual user id need to see the attestation status same as manager.



  • Option 1: Make the Employee Administrators
    Option 2: Delegate the Manager responsibility for these people to the guys that should be able to see the same as the Manager.
    Option 3 (I haven't checked but should work as well): Make them a member of the application role Identity & Access Governance\Attestation\Chief approval team
  • Hi Markus,

    Option 1: addidng the specific member in the below role is you mention ? if so it's not working.

    Option 2: Manager responsibility is not possible to delegate that 100's of Department managers are there.

    Option 3: This works good, that member can see the pending attestation case, as part of chief approval team mail template includes his name as approver.Any possiblity way to remove that ?

    Thanks Again,


  • In regards to your question for Option 3, you would need to customize the process chains that generate the mails as the user is indeed able to attest the cases. That's why you see all the objects and properties you need.