New user attestation approval flow advice OIM 8.0.1

Hey all,

So in a scenario where business units across the enterprise have differing hierarchies, I was wondering what your thoughts would be on handling the following.

  1. New person is inserted

    1. Person has direct manager
      1. New user attestation sent to the manager.

    2. Person does NOT have a direct manager
      1. Check for primary business role, and if exists check for manager of role
        1. New user attestation sent to this person

    3. Person does NOT have a primary business role assigned
      1. Check department manager
        1. New user attestation sent to this person

What is the best way to do this?

  • Customize an attestation approval workflow and just add the various approval methods?
    • Would the lack of a condition trigger a deny?
  • Do a calculated decision that captures all of the conditions above with a fall back to a role?

I know that this is a reasonably simple use case, but I was reading through the attestation documentation but I didn't get a good bead on how to run a specific scenario with an example.


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