Child system user management in SAP CUA


I have configured central and child sync projects for SAP CUA.

1. When I change sap user's password in Manager, the change is provisioned only to central system and it doesn't propagate the password to a child system. Is it by design? How am I supposed to manage sap user's password in child system?

2. When sap user is locked in Manager it is locked globally in SAP. Is it possible to lock/unlock user account only in one child system?

  • when you create a user, the intial password is in general provisioned to the target, assuming SCUM is configured properly. However future password resets are not sent to the child system. This  would need to be compeleted on the cua system in sap itself, and the target clients specified, or locally on the child where a reset is required. this is outside identity manager.

    for locks, disabling and enabling is sent via the connector, and will be honored in the connected child systems. The lock appear to be global from what I have seen. Could you just remove access from the child system in manager, instead of locking the account on specific systems?