How to handle Attestations going to a new version


I'm wondering if anyone has gone from v6 to v7 and how they handled attestation cases.

We built a new v7 environment and plan to cut over soon. We did not migrate over from v6 so there are no attestations cases from previous environment.

I don't want all the attestation cases to fire off and wondering if there is a way to account for attestations from v6.

Or how anyone has done this before and how they did it?

I've tried to run some imports or create cases and edit datehead and isClosed and isGranted but the fields are not editable.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • I've come up with a way to take care of this. Iran the following tests in dev.

    Since i'm using DateHead in attestation policy to generate new cases I needed DateHead to be updated in the new environment.  

    I've turned off the initial approval email and then generated a case for each user that is active.

    I granted my account Chief Approver for attestation cases. 

    I then approved each case.

    I queried the datehead and some other fields from old environment and wrote them to a csv file.

    I wrote a powershell script that will update the attestationcase from the csv file to datehead and other fields such as DisplayPersonHead, ReasonHead.

    This seems to work and does not cause any issues with the table as the fields I'm updating are not tied to any foreign keys.

    This allows me to have the cases flow from the old version to the new version without having to generate them all for the sponsor to take action on.