Approve all on every page of the grid


I have a grid with approve all option, what only takes effect on the actual page. So if I click to Approve all above the grid it marks the items as approved on the actual page, but if I go to the next page those are not checked. I couldn't find out how could I modify it to take effect on all pages. Is it possible?

If not, my othet question is how can I customize the default page size (how many items to show on a page) for one single grid? I've found the global setting, but I would like to modify it for only one grid.

Best Regards,

Tamás Imre

  • Hello Tamás,

    There is a property on the grid called DisablePageWiseSelection that you can set to true (by going to the "Extended Properties" node and add a "Variable"):

    This property was added at some point so it might not exist in your version yet.

    If you just need to set the page size, there is a property to do that too:


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