Web Designer: problems downloading a file

I try to download a file from a simple file directory on computer using a "Download a file" action, but it does nothing at all. The two mandatory fields in this component are filled like this:

Source: File

Path to source file: format("C:\FTP\{0}", from PWODecisionHistory select prop) (which resolves to a valid path)

What's wrong here? Is there any documentation on this component in Web Designer?


  • Seems, i found the reason. I had two actions under one Server Action: "Redirect" and "Download a file". The first action in order, Redirect, seems to have masked the second action. When i switched their places and made "Download a file" first, it began working, but Redirect action got lost=))) So, it seems, one has to make add a single action in the Server Action node in order for it to execute.

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