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Journeycall Case Study

“Quest data protection is a fantastic solution and it is easy to use. It allowed me to finally go to bed and sleep safe in the knowledge that my backups were completing, being replicated out off site and being sent to a live standby — no more watching a tape restore with fingers crossed.”

George Mair, IT & Comms Manager

If all the machines in your server room were suddenly flooded, would you be ready? Acclaimed, Scottish-based contact center Journeycall was. Because the company had replaced its inefficient and unreliable tape-based backup and recovery solution with Quest data protection solutions, the IT manager was able to fully recover the environment and restore the business to 100 percent operational status in just a few hours. More broadly, the solutions deliver the following benefits day in and day out:

  • Ensure business continuity by providing reliable backups and speedy recovery
  • Make applications up to 100% more available, enabling the data-driven business to thrive
  • Slash administrative time by as staggering 98%, from 4 hours a day to just 5 minutes a day, freeing IT pros for innovative work
  • Deliver peace of mind

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