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Medialine AG Achieves 90% Deduplication

Medialine AG Achieves 90% Deduplication
Medialine, a full-service IT system house that specializes in IT infrastructure and managed services, uses Quest® QoreStor® to achieve a 90 percent deduplication rate, cutting archive storage costs in half.


Medialine, an award-winning MSP, needed to store and manage tens of petabytes of client data without incurring massive backup storage costs.
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QoreStor’s capability in providing over a 90 percent deduplication rate in a Veeam environment is convincing.

Martin Hörhammer, CEO, Medialine AG


By implementing QoreStor deduplication, Medialine dramatically reduced their backup storage needs, achieving significant cost savings.


  • Achieved a 90 percent deduplication rate, signifi cantly reducing backup storage requirements
  • Cut archive storage costs by 50 percent
  • Increased fl exibility by using secondary storage that’s compatible with existing technologies
  • Simplifi ed data protection and reduced operating costs with a deduplication solution that requires minimal administration


Data protection

“QoreStor’s capability in providing over a 90 percent deduplication rate in a Veeam environment is convincing,” said Martin Hörhammer, CEO at Medialine AG.

Andreas Becker, Head of Managed Services at Medialine AG, was also impressed with QoreStor’s performance, noting it was the most cost-effective option to store archive data from their production backups. But it wasn’t just the technical results that led Medialine to choose QoreStor. The MSP, known for their high levels of service, found the Quest team extremely helpful, quickly answering every question they had.

Using QoreStor for deduplication

While QoreStor accelerates backups, strengthens disaster recovery and more, Medialine currently uses it primarily for deduplication – with an eye toward taking advantage of QoreStor’s many other capabilities in the near future.

“We are using QoreStor mostly for deduplication,” said Andreas. “For our production data centers, our primary backup storage target is at our main sites. We use QoreStor as a secondary backup target and we are achieving great deduplication results. This is the main way we use QoreStor right now. The second way is as a Veeam Cloud Connect provider. We can now use QoreStore, with its deduplication abilities, as a primary storage target for this special service, saving money and space.” Andreas added that QoreStor has cut archive storage costs in half.

Flexibility and simplicity

IT staff at Medialine AG not only credit QoreStor for delivering significant cost savings, but also for simplifying data protection in general.

Medialine AG is a full-service IT system house, specializing in IT infrastructure, managed services, cloud services and business solutions. The company continuously develops customized digital products and services for medium-sized businesses and corporate groups. They support organizations across a range of industries, including media, education and scientifi c research. With more than 500 clients, Medialine AG manages and protects tens of petabytes of client data.

But the huge amount of data storage they required was increasing operating costs. Medialine AG needed a way to meet their clients’ data protection needs while reducing storage requirements.

Turning to a trusted partner

With multiple data centers to manage, Medialine AG needed a deduplication solution that would complement their existing backup and replication solutions. As a long-time Quest partner, Medialine looked to Quest® QoreStor® to improve backup performance while reducing storage costs. After a proof-of-concept project, Medialine found QoreStor successfully met all their key requirements for deduplication, replication and cloud tiering.

“QoreStor is so easy to administrate,” said Andreas. “Since we don’t have to do much, our operational costs are low. It’s just running in the background and doing its job.”

Given this ease of administration, a smaller IT team can manage QoreStor, which is another way it delivers business value. With its simplicity and flexibility, QoreStor improves existing IT investments.

Andreas explained, “The flexibility to run QoreStor on whatever hardware you want or any virtual machine, whether it’s at the client’s site, your site or in the cloud, is another benefit to the organization.”

While Andreas cites storage cost savings as the biggest value QoreStor has provided for Medialine, QoreStor’s flexibility and simplicity are greatly appreciated as well.

Shrinking costs, growing business

By implementing QoreStor, Medialine AG dramatically reduced physical and cloud data storage, improved backup and recovery performance and gained fast, simple, cost-effective cloud-connected storage. They’ve also seen impressive results with Quest® KACE®, Quest® Foglight® and Quest® Change Auditor. As Medialine’s data protection business continues to grow, QoreStor will be there to keep backup storage costs low.