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MSP avoids appliance capital expenses, offers clients software-based disaster recovery

We like having the flexibility to implement QoreStor as a virtual appliance on any hardware we already have. It helps us sell even more.

Jeff Manuszak, CTO, EDSI Inc.

Managed service provider EDSI offers backup/restore, disaster recovery and replication services. They also host complete, offsite data protection with Veeam Backup & Replication. For their own use and for their customers’ use, EDSI wanted to increase flexibility and reduce dependence on expensive, on-site appliances.

Learn how data protection with QoreStor has proved to be a good fit for this MSP’s needs. Cloud tiering with QoreStor lets EDSI and their customers keep more data easily accessible on disk for longer. It then transparently moves it to slower, less expensive storage. Plus, with the source-side, variable-block deduplication in QoreStor, they have achieved 5:1 space savings and slashed their storage needs.

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