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Rural Alaska Healthcare Provider Uses VMware Zero- Client Infrastructure to Scan Directly into EMR Application.

I know I implemented RemoteScan in a brand-new way, but the software was flexible enough to allow it. That was the big bonus.”

Wayne Hogue, VMware Administrator, Maniilaq Association

In a region above the Arctic Circle where IT infrastructure is spread out over 300,000 square miles and milk costs 13 dollars per gallon, efficiency matters. Maniilaq spent years trimming their network down from PCs with attached scanners to zero clients on VMware. But new EMR software turned direct scanning into a tedious, multi-step process.

Maniilaq used a feature of RemoteScan to overcome the double-hop problem and scan directly into Cerner Millenium from any client, local or remote. Users no longer need to take multiple steps to scan a document into a patient record. They can scan directly into Cerner from any of their scanner models at any workstation.

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