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Red Gold, Inc. picks Spotlight to improve SQL Server health and performance

“Spotlight has enabled us to do more with existing staff and has prevented the need for headcount increases.”

Matt Andrew, Database Manager, Red Gold

With reductions in team headcount and increasingly complex database environments, DBAs are under more pressure than ever to meet growing demands. And the database manager at Red Gold, Inc., Matt Andrew, was no exception. 

When more experienced SQL Server professionals left the company, Matt inherited a massive SQL farm. Matt tried to get by in reactive mode, using basic alerting and monitoring functionality in PowerShell. 

But what if Matt could go beyond these capabilities to improve database performance proactively? This would reduce end-user frustration, decrease helpdesk calls, improve the company’s overall operations and success and free Matt to focus on critical projects. When Red Gold adopted Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise from Quest®, that’s exactly what happened. 

Learn how one DBA elevated his career by using Spotlight to:

  • Gain visibility into his entire SQL Server environment at a glance.
  • Use a mobile heat map to prioritize issues. 
  • Identify and resolve performance problems in record time. 
  • Automate routine processes, gaining more time to innovate.

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