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Tools for the Evolving Database Administrator

Tools for the Evolving Database Administrator

The database landscape is shifting from simple relational databases offered by commercial vendors to include open source systems and non-relational systems. With this, your role as a DBA is also shifting to include administering more databases, more database platforms and more database instances. 

Despite all the changes, database performance monitoring remains one of your top responsibilities. So how do you manage? Hire more DBAs? Keep doing what you’ve been doing and hope it all works out?  

  • What if you could implement a database performance monitoring solution that addresses your database uptime and performance goals in a single tool?
  • What if you could monitor your cross-platform databases with a single view?

Read this technical brief for a short history of the database, a snapshot of the current database market and a look at your priorities as a modern DBA. Then read about Foglight® for Cross-Platform Databases, a powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution you can use to ensure the health and performance of your entire database environment.

Tools for the Evolving Database Administrator

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