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Quest SQL Navigator vs. Quest Toad for Oracle

Quest SQL Navigator vs. Quest Toad for Oracle
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  • Date enregistrée:Dec. 14, 2021
  • Événement:a la demande
Quest SQL Navigator vs. Quest Toad for Oracle

If you’re a SQL Navigator user, don’t miss this webcast. Experts will demonstrate how Toad for Oracle can do anything SQL Navigator does – only better. And with Toad for Oracle, you get more frequent releases and lower up-front costs through a subscription offering.

Inspired by conversations with SQL Navigator users, this webcast will eliminate any doubts you might have about Toad for Oracle. If you think Toad is for DBAs, if you prefer the SQL Navigator user interface or if you want a tool that supports Oracle 12-21c, this session is for you.

You’ll see how Toad for Oracle provides:

  • UI settings that mimic SQL Navigator, the same right-click functions or hotkeys that SQL Navigator uses and easy UI customization for developers
  • Specific developer features that compel more developers to choose Toad for Oracle over SQL Navigator
  • Team coding features and integration
  • Support for Oracle 12-21c
  • Many additional benefits

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