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Bodybuilding Success Story

"We have eliminated the two hours of downtime we used to have every night for our reporting database by switching to SharePlex."

Sean Scott, Oracle DBA,
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EXP Success Story

"If you want to solve your replication issues in a timely and effective manner with a high confidence of actually succeeding in your project initiatives, SharePlex is the best solution on the market."

Patrick Smith, Senior Database Administrator, EPX
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Ulbrich Success Story

"By eliminating the need to purchase additional disk storage arrays for staging backup data, the DL4000 appliances saved us $8,000 right off the bat. in addition, as soon as deployment is complete, we'll be saving over $9,000 annually by not having to purchase and maintain tapes and contract with an off-site valuing service."

Leonard Charran, Network Administrator, Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals Inc
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"We have been able to achieve close to 100 percent uptime for years at a time on our critical databases using SharePlex."

Ken Jones, Senior Vice President of IT Operations,
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Coca Cola Success Story

"Top management kept a large number of contacts in Notes. All that information was migrated with no data loss because of Migrator for Notes to Exchange.”

Alicia Graham, Senior Systems Specialist
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