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Quest Networking Roundtable 3 Peer-to-Peer Learning for Modern Risk Mitigation in Active Directory & Entra ID

Quest Networking Roundtable 3 Peer-to-Peer Learning for Modern Risk Mitigation in Active Directory & Entra ID



  • Datum:Jun. 10, 2024 to Jun. 11, 2024
  • Ort:Ameron Köln Hotel Regent, Melatengürtel 15, Köln
Quest Networking Roundtable 3 Peer-to-Peer Learning for Modern Risk Mitigation in Active Directory & Entra ID

10 & 11 June 2024 - Köln 

We are pleased to invite you to our third Quest Networking Roundtable in Germany - a recently established platform & all about getting together, facilitating networking, sharing experiences, and learning from those already made by your new peers. 

These rounds are about coming together on a regular basis and practicing a lively & beneficial exchange between all of us. This third edition of our exclusive Networking Roundtable is all about Cyber Security.  

In the afternoon of 10th June we will be out and about in Köln and be part of a playful simulation of a severe hacker attack causing one of the greatest threats of modern times: a widespread blackout. Will we be able to intervene and prevent huge damage? During the evening dinner, we will have plenty of time for networking and discussing current topics. 

Further we prepared an interesting agenda for the second day of our Networking Roundtable on 11th June with eye-opening insights on new risks and ways of protecting your organization. 
Be curious, join our exclusive Quest Networking Roundtable - we are looking forward to welcoming you in June. 

Please register now, spaces are limited! 

You are warmly invited to be our guests during the event. For your personal accommodation booking we recommend the Ameron Köln Hotel Regent as the conference will be taking place there.


10 June – afternoon:

15:00h Getting together @ Ameron Köln Hotel Regent 
15:30h Don’t miss the first entertaining and exciting networking opportunity: The Köln City Blackout Cyber Security Challenge
19:00h Dinner & Networking

11 June:

08:30h Getting together @ Ameron Köln Hotel Regent 

09:00h Opening & Welcome by the Quest Platform Management Team

Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO of CQURE provides a
Hacker’s Perspective on New Risks: Practical Tips for Detecting and Mitigating Modern Threats Using Active Directory  
The threat landscape and the necessity of having a well-informed Incident Response Plan will be discussed first. We explore how hackers exploit vulnerabilities in infrastructure. Additionally, we cover key techniques to prevent attacks and enhance infrastructure security with a focus on Active Directory and Entra ID. The session is aimed at raising awareness about cybersecurity challenges and provide valuable insights to protect against potential risks in the digital landscape.

10:45h Coffee Break

Quest's AD expert Bastiaan Verdonk sheds a light on
Measures of AD related risks and how to lower them
During this discussion with the audience, insights into what the NIST Cybersecurity Framework implies, what this means for Active Directory and how Quest addresses the Categories, Sub- Categories and Security Controls are provided to gain a better understanding how to mitigate organizational risks.

Quest's Security experts Bert Skorupski & Peter Mendelsohn demonstrates how to 
Bring Security to The Next level
In this session we lift the curtain on solutions that the teams are working on to address the evolving needs of cyber security at our customers. Be one of the first to hear about it and take influence by sharing your feedback! 

12:45h Closing Session 

13:00h Lunch & Networking

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