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Toad® Training Tuesdays - Toad Data Point

Join live, 30-minute sessions on the second Tuesday of every month.

Get personalized advice to simplify your work with our Toad Data Point solution.

Our tech gurus are teaming up to help you overcome your biggest IT obstacles. Through 30-minute trainings, that include time for Q&A, you’ll receive guidance to navigate your specific tech challenges and reach your goals.

This series will equip you with the training you need to simplify your work, reduce risk and gain more confidence with emerging technologies. For business users and data analysts, learn how to access data and create data reports.

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Sometimes you need to create a report, but all the data you need is from multiple sources. In this case, you may be forced to perform various additional tasks to get the data into a single source or rely on batch processing jobs to pull data from multiple data sources into a single source. Either solution could be better as they can lead to outdated data, mismatched data, and poor data quality.

This session examines how you can include tables from multiple data sources in one query. Ensuring you are accessing real-time data from every data source, allowing you to create joins between data sources to ensure data integrity and quality, and enabling you to be self-sufficient in accessing the data you need.  




How data is stored in your data sources, and how you plan to present it in reports and dashboards may be quite different. Often data needs to be massaged and tweaked before it is ready to be presented.  

In this on-demand session, we will cover how you can take raw data from multiple data sources and apply a wide range of transformations and cleansing steps to it before it is added to a report or dashboard. 




Do you ever need to move data between data sources? See how Quest® Toad® Data Point features can help in this 30-minute webcast.

View this on-demand session where we cover: 

  • Mapping tables and columns in different data sources  
  • Moving a subset of data from one table into another table 
  • Extracting data from Excel and moving it to a new table in your database 
  • Automating and scheduling all the above tasks 




Watch this on-demand session if your data is in several different places and you’re wondering how to extract more value from it to get a competitive edge. Learn how you  can use these Toad Data Point features to get the most out of your data: 

  • Dimensional Views 
  • SQL outer joins
  • Compare and contrast
  • Filtering data

Toad Data Point can connect well over 40 data stores, so if your client data is in Oracle and your sales data is in SQL server, that’s not a problem for Toad Data Point.




Do you need to provide customized reports—for example, by region? If so, don’t miss this on-demand webcast where you’ll learn about: 

  • Variables 
  • Loop dataset activity 
  • How to take a result set and execute activities for each row of data 

If you need to generate batch reports based on a driving query, don’t miss this session! 




Are you trying to enable your data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities? Do you need to build comprehensive reports for your end users? Understanding where data is coming from, how that data is combined and how it actually looks to the end user is very important. 

View this on-demand webcast to learn what it is and how to use it to your best advantage to get the most out of your data. 

In this expert demo you’ll learn how to:

  • Examine existing data from a database or file
  • Collect statistics and information about your data. 
  • Identify other ways you can use your data
  • Assess the risk that is involved in integrating data for new applications or data warehouses, including the challenges of joins
  • Understand data challenges early in any data-intensive project so that late project surprises, delays, and cost overruns are avoided. 
  • Provide availability metrics on data, including whether the data conforms to particular standards or patterns.




If you need consistent, frequent reporting, learn how you can save time and schedule reporting using the Automation Designer to: 

  • Execute data automation from a data grid
  • Build scripts using the automation wizard
  • Export data to email
  • Schedule automation




Publishing workbook to Toad Intelligence Central – your easy path to collaboration and managing variables.

In this session, we’ll cover how to publish from Toad Data Point Workbook to Toad Intelligence Central.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Publish an entire workbook
  • Publish a partial workbook
  • Share a workbook
  • Use default values, variables and substitution variables

While this feature is not new to traditional Toad Data Point users, it is new to Workbook – which makes data preparation accessible to even novice data business users. Also, if you used Hyperion Brio in the past, this feature in Workbook solidifies that Toad Data Point is the premier alternative to Brio.




Do you want to synchronize your data? With Data Compare in Toad® Data Point by Quest®, you can easily compare differences in data, save a result set and use it for historical comparison.

In this session, we’ll explore three use cases and show you how to evaluate your results.

Use case #1: Data compare between different databases

Use case #2: Data compare between two compatible data types

Use case #3: Data compare across three sources

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