Avera Health improves care with seamless AD migration

It's almost mind-blowing how successful our migration was. We had zero user impact and zero data loss. The Quest migration tool just works.

Curtis Mavity, Senior Systems Engineer, Avera Health

Avera Health is a leading healthcare system serving nearly one million people in the Midwest.  They have over 330 locations of facilities offering various care services. Avera had four separate Active Directory forests with 13 different domains and more than 20,000 user accounts.  This complex IT infrastructure made critical tasks more difficult and drove up both costs and management overhead. Avera utilized the Quest® Migration Manager for Active Directory to seamlessly complete its migration twice as fast as expected with a 99% success rate!

Find out how Avera Health saved $50,000 using Quest migration solutions. Download the free case study and learn how they

  • Completed a zero-impact migration with guaranteed accuracy and no data loss
  • Streamlined patient care, improved security and slashed IT overhead
  • Delivered immediate ROI by automating complex processes
  • Maintained and improved security while saving precious time



Migration Manager for Active Directory
Migration Manager for Active Directory

Active Directoryの再構築中も真の共存環境を確実にします