Identity as a Service

Meet your growing IAM needs

Easily address your identity and access management needs, controls and processes. Our identity as a service solutions address your most pressing provisioning, access control and governance needs immediately, thoroughly, and with complete compliance. Best of all, it does all that as a small operational expense, not a large capital investment. It’s real world identity and access management as a service. And it’s what you need for your growing business.



Ensure that user access to your most critical systems is set up on time, without errors, and according to established and enforceable policy. Empower line-of-business personnel—employees, their managers, and others—to perform many critical IAM tasks themselves without IT assistance. Put control of the policy, workflow, approvals and execution of key IAM tasks with line-of-business personnel too, including those that rightly decide who should access what.


Give line-of-business managers the ability to perform the periodic attestation (sometimes called recertification) required by compliance on their own, without IT involvement. Heighten security by basing access on unified, business-defined roles, rather than ad hoc rights established on an individual user basis. Make the most important factors of compliance — access control, separation of duties, and audit — easy and achievable.

Access Control

Remove the burden of remembering and managing multiple, disparate logon credentials for browser-based access to internal resources and cloud-based applications. Ensure users accessing resources are authorized for that specific access and at the appropriate role level, consistently across applications. Empower end users to manage their own passwords without calling the help desk. Verify the identity of users logging on to systems and applications with a higher level of assurance than with usernames and passwords alone.

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