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Advantage Waypoint: Mergers accelerate consolidation of IT operations

KACE appliances have allowed me to maintain completely separate environments while I manage them as one unified environment. The [KACE Systems Management Appliance] gave me a view of all the new systems I had to inventory through the merger when the only connection I had to them was over the internet.

Harry Folloder, CIO, Advantage Waypoint

When mergers brought nine companies together, the IT team had to quickly get disparate systems working securely as one, so employees could resume business as usual. By selecting KACE® appliances for systems management and Rapid Recovery for backup and recovery, Advantage Waypoint was able to work effectively from day zero. See how the company:

  • Enabled day zero management of endpoints in all companies involved in the merger, from one unified view
  • Delivered reliable and easy-to-manage data protection
  • Streamlined subsequent acquisitions

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