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How Nick the IT Ninja Battles Cybercrime -EMEA

How Nick the IT Ninja Battles Cybercrime -EMEA
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  • Fecha:Jun. 19, 2019
  • Hora: 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM GMT
  • Duración:45 Minutos
  • Ubicación:WebEx
  • Evento:En línea
How Nick the IT Ninja Battles Cybercrime -EMEA

Stressed at his demanding IT admin job, Nick became an IT ninja using Quest KACE to streamline his work day and battle increasing cybercrime. Join this webcast to learn the five-step unified endpoint management (UEM) approach Nick uses to defend his company’s most critical resources.

Thanks to KACE, Nick now has heightened senses to see the future and stay ahead of cybercriminals and their malicious attacks. He secures every endpoint with timely, consistent, automated patching, and every device is updated with the latest anti-virus software. He ensures that each person has appropriate network rights, eliminating the chance of accidental or intentional malware infection and data theft. 

Join our webcast to learn how Nick found IT enlightenment and reduced his anxiety around the risks of a data breach. Become an IT ninja like Nick and find your own peace of mind.


Aoife O' Driscoll - Product Marketing

Timo Weberskirch - Sales Engineer, Solution specialist

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