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Webcast: Innovate and Transform and Become the Next Uber or Amazon

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  • Fecha de grabación:Jan. 24, 2017
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Today, more than ever, organizations must address the proliferation of cloud-based applications and digitally transform their business to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer’s demands. While cloud applications often provide convenience and flexible access for employees and customers, they also present a new set of management and security challenges for IT and line-of-business managers.

For efficiency and simplicity, an organization’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution needs to provide an aggregated view of identities across all systems.

Lo que aprenderá

View this on-demand webcast, hosted by Redmond Magazine and One Identity to see how a leading-edge IAM solution can enable managers to easily define and enforce the policies of their governance initiatives, including those that are on-premises, hybrid and cloud to meet business demands today and in the future.


George Cerbone, Principal Solutions Architect - One Identity

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