SQL Server monitoring on 125 TB of healthcare claims data

When your company has to respond in less than 10 seconds to an inquiry about a claim or else pay a stiff fine, you’d better have a tool that monitors everything affecting SQL Server performance.

DBA Manager for Major Healthcare Insurance Company

A team of database administrators (DBAs) for a major healthcare insurance company needed 24/7 performance monitoring on 125 TB of SQL Server databases. Using Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise, the DBAs can now smoothly monitor instances at multiple sites for production, test, reporting and disaster recovery and keep infrastructure optimized for near-real-time responses to inquiries from healthcare providers.

Read this informative case study to discover how this healthcare organization:

  • Ensured compliance with 10-second SLA for responding to eligibility inquiries
  • Monitored performance for nearly a decade, gradually covering 125 TB of SQL Server databases
  • Helped in root-cause analysis with playback database for continuous recording of their environment
  • Leverages their collaborative relationship with Quest 



Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise
Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

SQL Serverのパフォーマンスの問題を迅速かつ正確に診断し、データベースインフラストラクチャの正常な状態を維持