EPX: Financial company replaces GoldenGate with SharePlex for reliable replication

If you want to solve your replication issues in a timely and effective manner with a high confidence of actually succeeding in your project initiatives, SharePlex is the best solution on the market.

Patrick Smith, Senior Database Administrator, EPX

EPX replaces Oracle GoldenGate with SharePlex for accurate, reliable and cost-effective database replication. To protect its customers’ sensitive data and ensure 24/7 transaction processing without an outage of any kind, EPX needed a reliable bi-directional database replication solution. After a month-long proof of concept, EPX implemented SharePlex and the company can now count on high availability for business-critical databases.

  • Ease of implementation
  • Built-in verification features
  • Streamlined management and low total cost of ownership
  • Unrivalled, award-winning support

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