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SQL Server 2017 Dynamic Management Views Poster

With the introduction of SQL Server 2005, Microsoft introduced Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) which allow you to get better insight into what is happening in SQL Server.  Without these new tools a lot of the information was unavailable or very difficult to obtain. 

DMVs are a great tool to help troubleshoot performance related issues and once you understand their power they will become a staple for your Database Administration. The DMVs were introduced in SQL 2005 and with each new release, Microsoft has been adding additional DMVs to help troubleshoot issues.

At Quest, we understand that it's often difficult to gain access to the resources you need to make your job easier. That's why we provide you with this informative reference Poster - SQL Server 2017 dynamic management views.

You can download the .pdf version here.

Want the hard copy version to hang on your wall? download the .pdf or contact your sales rep. They will be in contact and will be glad to send you one.