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5 Administrative Tasks Made Easy with IT Security Search

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  • Data gravada:Dec. 8, 2016
  • Evento:Sob demanda

Recovery Manager for Active Directory (AD), InTrust, Enterprise Reporter for AD and Change Auditor for AD can enhance your ability to meet security and compliance requirements, and, more importantly, stay secure against both internal and external threats to your Windows environment. But we know that administrators wear many hats, and administrative tasks can eat up precious time that you don’t have.

With IT Security Search, an exciting new feature included in Recovery Manager for AD, InTrust, Enterprise Reporter for AD and Change Auditor for AD, you can easily centralize and consolidate Quest security and compliance solution data into a single interface. Finally, your job as an administrator has gotten much easier.

In this live webcast, explore how the new IT Security Search can help you quickly and easily:

  • Uncover GPOs that have been changed
  • Learn what has been recently installed on a desktop or server
  • Find a deleted object and recover it with a few simple clicks
  • Understand who has accessed a particular file
  • View AD group activity over a period of time


Shawny Reiner