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DevOps for Oracle Databases ebook

DevOps for Oracle Databases ebook

Is your management pressuring you to accelerate your delivery time and processes? Do you have long delays in development, QA and delivery? Do you have a lot of manual processes in your application lifecycle that slow down delivery time?

Like many other organizations, you’re faced with multiple disruptive forces — mobility, cloud, big data analytics, social business and more. But you’re still expected to deliver software changes faster to meet the demands of rapidly changing market requirements. You know you need to integrate database change management into your DevOps culture, but simply putting stop-gap solutions in place or continuing with uncoordinated processes is not the answer. The risks of a failed implementation are too great.

What if you could:

  • accelerate your database pipeline end to end and combine higher quality database changes with application changes? 
  • reduce application release time, spend less time fixing defects and more time innovating?
Read this e-book to learn how to accelerate DevOps by integrating database development into your DevOps pipeline. 
DevOps for Oracle Databases ebook

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