Danske Bank Speeds time to market with advanced analytics

We have reduced the time we spend on models up to 50 percent with Statistica. Our Development process is much leaner and smoother compared to what it was before.

Jens Christian Ipsen, First Vice President, Danske Bank

Analytical models are critical in today’s 24/7 banking world. Financial institutions need to be able, for example, to predict the credit worthiness of loan applicants and assess the value of assets. With Statistica, Danske Bank was able to slash model development time in half while delivering more sophisticated and accurate models, enabling better decision-making and customer satisfaction. 

  • Slashed time to develop and deploy analytical models by 50 percent
  • Improved decision-making with more advanced analytical models
  • Delivered an easy-to-use, standardized toolbox that can quickly be customized to meet users’ needs
  • Ensured fast ROI by deploying easily and integrating smoothly with existing systems

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